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Welcome to Technical Investigations

Our mission is to assist you in assuring that the machinery and equipment claims you pay are based on actually covered causes of loss, that they represent coverage for the actual extent of damage, and that the amounts you pay are commercially reasonable for the loss actually incurred.

We Help Assure Fair Claim Payments

Sometimes property owners do not comprehend the full scale of the covered loss they have suffered because of the complexity of the equipment or because detailed records were not kept during the urgency of loss recovery. We analyze the loss to assure that the full extent of damage is realized and work with the owner to develop the full cost of recovery from the loss.

Or, when vendors and contractors smell insurance (read: free money) they often inflate the claim in two ways. First, by claiming the damage is more severe than actual and thus claiming replacement equipment when repair is appropriate. To see through this, one must actually be able to accurately assess the extent of damage and know how to do the repair, something that comes only with experience. Second, by inflating the costs quoted well beyond what is commercially reasonable. To see through this, one must be technically savvy, something that also comes only with experience. Further, to get commercially reasonable repair pricing, one must speak the language of the contractors involved, be they HVAC, electrical, medical, elevator, diesel engine, tool & die, broadcasting or a myriad of others.

We also mind our own costs. Technical Investigations has never billed for telephone consultation with our clients, whether before, during, or after an assignment. Our goal is to spend as much time with you as you need to fully understand the matter with which you are dealing, and without you having to worry about incurring or increasing a bill. If we can assist you in resolving a technical claim with a phone call, we will be happy to do so at no cost. We encourage you to call with your questions whether they result in an assignment or not.

Further, highly experienced people properly equipped not only perform tasks more precisely but also do so in far less time, and time is money. More tangibly, Technical Investigations discounts travel time 50% and wherever possible combines multiple field investigations on a circuitous trip with travel costs apportioned pro rata, saving further travel expense. Technical Investigations has never charged for overnight lodging or meals while on assignment since these are expenses over which our client has no control. Likewise, there has never been a charge for photography of any type, or for tools or lab supplies. Simply stated, we only charge for time worked, travel time discounted 50%, and auto mileage at the current IRS rate. Out-of-pocket expenses, such as air travel or lightning or hail reports are invoiced at actual cost, never marked up.


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