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Thunder is Good

“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work” spoke Mark Twain in 1908 but like ‘por ol Huck Finn’, lightning gets blamed for a lot that
it just didn’t do.

The challenge with lightning damage is to differentiate it from the numerous forms of physical damage resulting from increasingly common power surges and from end-of life failures. Electronic equipment is particularly susceptible to damage from both lightning and power surges since many of the discrete components on a circuit board are destroyed by relatively low levels of excessive voltage. With respect to lightning, this includes the far lower voltage of the indirect, or induced, surges created on power and communication lines. The observable physical damage done by lightning is distinctive and TI can differentiate it from all other failure modes. However, because of the increasing miniaturization of electronic components and circuitry, the damage is sometimes not easily found. Lightning arced out of this capacitor twice to the grounded screw head to the left. The larger arc pore is only about 1/64” diameter and the width of the smaller is about 1/100”. If there is physical damage of any kind, TI will find it and determine the cause. As with other equipment, summer failures are often attributed to lightning due to the frequency of thunderstorms.

TI routinely does full autopsies on a wide range of equipment; in many cases, damage blamed on lightning actually turns out to be the result of a breakdown. Where an insured has breakdown coverage, our work will ensure that the claim goes to the proper carrier. We are also skilled at identifying failures that result from normal wear and tear. TI will ensure that your coverage decisions are made on the basis of factual evidence.

TI’s lab is fully equipped to handle exams on machinery and equipment of all kinds. Our Buy on First Need policy ensures that we always have the proper tool for any task, assuring that work is done cost effectively and properly. There is never a charge for tools, lab supplies, or other expenses commonly charged by others and we do not charge for evidence storage.

Please call us to discuss your next lightning damage claim. As always, there is never a charge for discussing a claim and if we can help you resolve a claim with a phone call we will be happy to do so at no cost.


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