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The Case of the Silver Lining in the Hailstorm Cloud

Ever wonder if a quote for repair of hail damage to a condensing unit coil is reasonable? Odds are, it is not, and for multiple reasons.

Wind-blown hail damages the condensing coils of air condition and refrigeration equipment but sometimes, like lightning, it is blamed for damage that it just didn’t do. Improper maintenance is also a major cause of damage. TI knows the difference.

TI is the regional expert in damage assessment of hail damaged condensing unit coils, and has assessed damage on as many as 1,800 units from a single storm. TI is sent all over the country on hail claims because avoiding even a single unnecessary commercial coil replacement warrants the expense, and competitive quoting of replacement work saves additional cost.

TI routinely finds that virtually all claims are overstated in one or two ways, and sometimes both. First, the prospect of a third party payer usually results in significantly inflated prices. Second, coil replacement is often claimed necessary when the coil can be repaired by fin combing which costs on the order of 10% of the cost of coil replacement. In some cases it is even claimed that the entire unit must be replaced.

TI knows that the appearance of a condensing coil is the least reliable means of assessing the cause of damage as well as whether or not it needs to be replaced. TI knows proper coil maintenance procedures and how improper maintenance damages coils. TI has mastered the art of fin combing and makes repair recommendations based on actual damage and actual ability to repair coils by combing and has saved insurers millions of dollar, including $170,000 on a single claim.




TI also knows the difference between actual hail damage and damage caused by improper maintenance. Not all damage to coil fins is the result of hail.

TI has earned a relationship of trust and respect with major HVAC contractors who will competitively quote jobs, sight unseen, based on TI’s damage assessment, thus saving time in repairing your client’s air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. TI can cost effectively handle claims involving even a single air conditioning unit. A typical claim involves 10 to 50 units and TI has handled many claims involving over 100 units and a number of claims involving several hundred units.

When TI’s damage assessment states that a coil can be repaired by fin combing and it is challenged by so-called ‘experts’ our response is to meet on the roof and they can actually watch the repair be done. Likewise, if TI concludes a coil cannot be properly combed and it is disputed, we will hand the ‘expert’ sets of different types of fin combs and see if they even know which comb to use to attempt repair. Over many years TI’s damage assessments have proved over 99.9% accurate.

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