Truth is in the Details ™

Forensic Science Laboratory

Truth is indeed in the details and to get at them takes the proper test equipment, machinery and inspection tools, and more importantly, the knowledge of how to properly apply them.

Technical Investigations has always had a buy on first need policy and thus whatever tool or machine is needed, it is always at hand or bought at our expense. While we can test to many UL, CSA and IEC standards, we are expert in developing specific purpose tests, and designing and building special-purpose test equipment to perform them, that are highly precise, entirely repeatable, and employ generally accepted methodology: all keystones in producing legally solid evidence.

Every device which develops evidence on which we base professional conclusions is covered under a current Certificate of Calibration. More important yet, to actually get to the details one must have the unique combination of the insight, curiosity, creativity and perseverance of a great sleuth.

Please review our selected case studies for examples.

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